Past 3 years, and a new beginning

December 30, 2016 · 554 words · 3 minutes read · Personal Thoughts

It has been a little more than 3 years since I graduated from my bachelor degree. I must admit, it has not been always simple to figure out what I wanted to do. It could have been easier, but overall, I understand now why those different experiences were required for me.


In 2014, I got my first full-time job related to my bachelor, and it took me almost a year after graduation to finally receive an offer. It was not an offer from the smallest organization, but for one of the largest professional services firm. I will always be grateful to Deloitte that gave me an opportunity. However, after a year there, in 2015, I was kind of lost, and I left. I must say that I have worked mostly as an independent consultant between 2003 to 2014. To work for a firm, it was a huge change, and I was definitely not ready for that commitment as a recent graduate. I was also not sure about the kind of work I wanted to do.

During that year working for the firm, I was always asking myself so many questions. What would it have been to do something else? I was not sure about the path that I wanted to take. More technical or business? I was not even sure if I wanted to pursue my own projects. Before, I have to say that I was doing mostly technical mandates related to web development and infrastructure maintenance.


After Deloitte, I had the possibility to work with a startup, Nukern, developing a SaaS application related to hosting automation and billing. I was only there maybe for 8 months, but it has been a great experience. I also had to manage a small team for the first time. Again, I was probably not at the right place, at the right time. I was honestly probably not ready to invest as much time in a startup that I was not a co-founder.


More recently, I developed Kantoku, an IT GRC application that allows organizations to manage their assets, risks, controls, documents, compliance requirements and audits. I am really proud of this application, and it was also the beginning for my own company. Throughout the years, I did so many projects on the web. However, Kantoku is really different in a way that it is directly related to my professional field. Nonetheless, I am not quite ready to be working full-time on Kantoku. More about that in a further post. I also did a few consulting mandates during that time.


Anyhow, I was looking to go back full-time as an employee after finishing Kantoku development. I am really proud to say that I got an amazing offer from PwC as a senior associate for their Montreal office. I am definitely looking forward to this new opportunity, and I consider myself lucky to have that second chance in a Big 4.

With this post, I wanted to point out that it is not always as straightforward after university. I had a well-defined plan in my head during my bachelor, but it did not work out exactly how I was expecting it. But, I am sure that it was for the best, and I would probably do the same choices. Now, time for a new beginning.