CISSP Certified and the Next Steps
February 1, 2019   |   Personal Thoughts

I finally obtained the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification. It is definitely the most well-known certification in the information security industry and the one recommended for any professionals in this field. What is the CISSP? It is not necessarily the most technical or specialized certification. It would seem that information security is one unique specific area but it’s quite the opposite when there are so many possible domains. The CISSP is the ideal certification that allows someone to know a little bit of everything on all these specializations.

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CISSP: Réussi, et une autre étape complétée
September 2, 2017   |   Information Security

This post was published when this blog was also in French. This post is available in English. Terminé. Cet examen de 6 heures avec ses 250 questions est enfin du passé. Eh oui, je parle bien du légendaire CISSP ou l’examen pour le “Certified Information Systems Security Professional” de ISC2. C’est probablement la certification que la plupart des professionnels en sécurité de l’information souhaitent obtenir à un moment donné dans leur carrière.

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CISSP: Passed, and One More Milestone Completed
August 28, 2017   |   Information Security

Done. The 6-hour exam with its 250 questions is finally in the past. Yes, I am talking about the famous CISSP or the “Certified Information Systems Security Professional” exam from ISC2. This is the certification that most information security professionals will try to obtain at one point in their career. Why? For most recruiters and companies that are looking for a professional in information security, the CISSP is now the golden ticket for employment in this field.

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